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Sam Miller Science

Jan 31, 2022

After 300 episodes and an estimated 9000 minutes, I wanted to reflect on my time as a coach, my background and learning path, and why I believe in educating about metabolism and hormones. It's been an incredibly rewarding experience showing up for 300 episodes and whether you've been a listener since Day 1 or recently...

Jan 28, 2022

A recent study was published that I wanted to share that is extremely relevant to what we consistently talk about on this platform with the importance of micronutrients and metabolism in general. Topics include:


- If You’ve Been Listening for Awhile…

- Gut Health and Everything Else

- Bacteria Fermentation


Jan 26, 2022

I had a fantastic conversation on Embody Radio with a friend and fellow long time coach Emily Duncan. We hit on a lot of great topics and the central theme of this episode is the grey area of calories and metabolism, looking at the nuances and factors most coaches don't talk about. If you found this...

Jan 24, 2022

Continuing our 2 part lab markers series, I wanted to cover a few overrated lab markers. I'm not saying these lab markers need to be completely ignored but they do need some context behind them. Topics and markers include:


- Overrated Lab Markers

- What “Overrated” Will Be Classified As

- LDL and High LDL...

Jan 21, 2022

While I've spoken at length on many autoimmune diseases in previous episodes, I wanted to explain autoimmunity at a higher level and explain it in its entirety. Topics include:


- Autoimmune Disease

- Share, Rate, and Review

- FNMS Program

- Autoimmunity and Fixed Mindset

- Over 100 Autoimmune Diseases

- Male vs Female...