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Sam Miller Science

Dec 4, 2019

Most people have a hard time building and managing their personal brand. I wanted to have Matt on the show to discuss not only his story, but some useful tips for growing your personal brand, or coaching business.


Matt’s journey began as a competitive fitness athlete & model where he amassed a large online following. This allowed him to discover digital marketing, paid distribution, press, media buying, and more.


During this time, Matt helped to build fitness pages with 1m+ active, organic, followers. I then developed strategies to convert these audiences into paying customers across various online channels (i.e. Sandra Prikker)


In an effort to create better-performing campaigns, Matt began filming and editing his own productions and fell in love with video editing.


He later used this skill to serve as a consultant to high-profile talent in the fitness industry, creating world-class productions for some of the most profitable pages and figures on the internet. Over time, he expanded my network and consultancy across a variety of industries.


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