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Sam Miller Science

Feb 19, 2020

Kasey and I were chatting about one of her clients recently and it occurred to both of us that this would make for a great podcast episode.

Usually, I am the one asking the questions but today, Kasey is joining me to ask some guiding questions about how I would approach her client's specific circumstances. PCOS and hyperthyroid are covered in depth along with many other variables. Topics include:


- PCOS and Hyperthyroid Client with Fatigue

- Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

- TSH and Synthetic T4

- Proactive vs Reactive with Health

- The Disadvantages of Western Medicine

- Free T4 and T3 Labs

- Explanation of TSH Levels

- Hormone Blueprint

- Cholesterol Explanation

- PCOS Specifics

- Insulin Resistance and Nutrition Protocols

- Episode #9 - It's All in Your Head with Dr. Kasey Jo Orvidas

- Metformin Overview

- Other Suggestions and Changes within Client Example

- Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Exercise Needs to Be Under Control First


Ready to end the confusion around Thyroid Health? Click here for the Thyroid Blueprint Preview!


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