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Sam Miller Science

Feb 26, 2020

Whether you are a coach or client, the topic and function of testosterone, in both males and females, plays a vital role in both your overall health and your performance in the gym. This episode is geared more towards males but will give you a holistic understanding of the role testosterone plays along with symptoms of low testosterone, what possible solutions are, and why your daily lifestyle practices are key in managing this important hormone. Topics include:


- The HPTA Access

- Low Testosterone Symptoms and Stress

- STAR Proteins

- Body Fat and Inflammation

- Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

- Last Episode Covering Adaptive Physiology

- TRT and Western Medicine Ranges for Total and Free Testosterone

- Total Testosterone Dropping and Hormone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

- Side Effects of TRT

- Why Having Lifestyle Under Control is So Important

- Daily Lifestyle Best Practices in Managing Testosterone

- The Hormone Blueprint

- NCI Hormone Masterclass

- Ratings, Reviews, and Share!


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